Quality Horror Game

So before any of you flame me, I’d like you to know that i am NOT recruiting for some noob game that i plan on selling to xbox and making a fortune. What I would like to ask is if there are any quality horror games being made in the process. I don’t have much experiance with video games, though i almost bought torque a while but. I just always had these dream to make a horror game that makes people get paranoid at 12:00am when playing. Like the kind of game where you can’t stop looking behind yourself. As im aware, there is no game being made like this in the process. There have been games where the player has the advantage of guns, powers, more health, etc. over the enemy. But what if there was a more realistic game where the player has the disadvantage and the point is to stay alive, hide, and run, instead of kill and destroy? Ideas like these flood my mind and encourage me to make such a game but I’ve come to find the hard way… Making video games is hard :). I guess my main question is… If i bought torque and worked hard on this game, would anyone be up to help me? :wink:

But what if there was a more realistic game where the player has the disadvantage and the point is to stay alive, hide, and run, instead of kill and destroy?

Well it exist comercial games for PS2 called “Fatal Frame” and “Haunting Ground” that are like you said, but someone making a game like this on blender I dunno.

Well lik i said, I may get toque which is a pretty powerful engine. I would mainly just be using blender for models and stuff.

Ive got 2 ‘survival horror’ games in development currently. Im not sure how much of a horror they will be to make using the BGE, but I’ve got a feeling the BGE will be able to handle the level of game I want to achieve. (before the apricot project and 2.48 I wouldnt have even attempted these kinds of games)

Have you seen other BGE games? That should give you an idea of the level which you could potentially reach. Check out Krum, thats a good one, and Boom (a demo blender version of Doom).
Basically any type of game is possible, you just have to have skills and patience.

ha ok thanks :slight_smile:

In terms of commercial games, the penumbra series is pretty good like that (very, VERY minimal fighting ability, creepy atmosphere, etc)
I don’t know of anything like this being made in the amature/indy scene, though.

PS if a person bought me a copy of torque, I’d make pretty much any game they told me to XD but yeah, horror games seem pretty popular, so I’d imagine you’d get a fair amount of help. I don’t know how much of that help would be good, dedicated, and capable, though.

Yes, penumbra is the top of horror gaming in my opinion. Especially the first on, Penumbra Overture.

I started a thread about it a while ago - http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=129052

Damn good, itll scare the pants off you :evilgrin:

well, you could check The cure out.
ot are you looking for comercial ones?
didnt get it. -.-’
And yeah, sure, i could help you.

Hah yay! I think ill get torque. Anyone is welcome to help. I have a storyline i’ve had in my mind for a while.

Looking at it, would torque do everything i need it to do? Afterall this isnt a first person shooter. Its a 1st person RPG. Torque seems specialized for 3rd person shooters. Any advice? My budget is around 300.

Looking at the games made with it, I’d say Torque is most used for smaller-scale games, such as casual games or light RPG’s. It appears to be able to pull its weight graphically, but I can’t really comment on much more than that.

If you’re running a mac, you might look at Unity- again, I don’t know much, but it looks very solid. I think the $200 version is missing several features though (the next one up is >$1200), so make sure you know what you’re getting before you buy.

Other than that, take a look at devmaster.net, and set filters appropriately. I recommend sorting by rating, decending, to get the highest-rated engine first. Who knows, you might end up choosing a quality free or even open-source engine and save the money.

omg! you have a budget?
anyway, the first step that i think is important is the basic gameplay.
how is the game supposed to work, and what battlesystem is it going to use?

Thanks Captn! and there wont really be much fighting. You’ll be able to pick up random stuff and throw it, or beat stuff with it but other than that theres almost no guns, no grenades, no explosives… Your health is very limited and your bassically very fragile. I want it to be a 1st person game. The combat could be much like elder scrolls oblivion.
Oh and the budget thing is just the “Im not spending any more than that one something im not sure i will completely love” type deal lol

just make sure the game wont be too dark, it is pretty tempting to make almost everything black and stuff, but, the eye wont like it.

Leadwerks Game Engine seems like a great game engine! 150USD. Supports great graphics, great features. What do you guys think? Any feedback on it? Warn me if this isnt a good program! lol

well… no, dont use it.
its way too much money for a project your not sure if your going to complete.
use crystalspace instead, its about as powerful as playstation 2.

well konoha i didnt mean if it was something i didnt like i would throw it away or anything. Im mainly doing this as an educational experience and Leadwerks seems to support what i need better and it just seems to be overall better. Crystal Space does look quite good but the graphics arent what id like and i have a feeling it wouldnt be anything of what i want. I can pay 150 no problem, half of what i was expecting to pay so im quite satisfied. My real question is, Is leadwerks a well built, easy to use program? Does anyone have any experience with it? From what i can tell it seems to be an amazing engine.

Oh! C4 game engine also seems very nice! although its 350 :frowning: lol

still, i really recomend crystalspace.

With all respect konoha, I’m no longer asking for advice on other game engines. I’d just like to know if anyone has any experience with leadwerks. All of the reviews say its really good and I dont mind learning all the scripting and all, thats actually one of the reasons i want to do this. So any comments on the game engine Leadwerks?