Quality in DOF


I’ve been trying out some DOF stuff with the defocus node, and I’ve noticed some of the areas that aren’t in focus have a weird look to them. It looks out of focus, but has a smudge and grainy effect to it. Is there any way to make it better quality? I’m using AO by the way, I don’t know if that would account for it. Here’s what I mean:



On the Defocus Node, there is a button labeled Preview. Make sure this is not clicked.

I’m not trying to get a quicker preview though, just a better quality blur. Any way to fix that?

more samples.

i always use over 120 samples on the defocus node to get somwhat good quality.

Do what Egan says.

Turn off preview mode. :slight_smile: Don’t just go increasing the number of samples in preview mode and leaving it on.


Oh ok. That seems simple enough. Thanks guys. :smiley: