Quality of Render

Dear All,

I have modeled an object in Blender … exported it to Lightwave format … and then imported it into Cinema 4D. I then rendered the same object with the same settings in both Blender 2.49 and Cinema 4D R11.

The Quality of the renders is quite different. C4D really surpasses Blender. But I think that difference is due to the fact that I’m still a beginner in Blender & I don’t know how to set us the scene correctly.

The two output images are attached, please have a look at them.

Can we make great quality renders in Blender like those made in C4D? Note that C4D is quite fast when it comes to rendering.

I need to learn Blender cuz I believe it has a great potential … so please help me.



This does not look right. You say you modeled that in Blender and exported to C4D? Please explain the detail your export procedure because it does a hell of a good job. Pure majic. You exported model geometry is looking way better than the original. How can we compare render quality with such dramatically different geometries? You need to make sure the geometries are exactly the same before attempting to compare rendering quality.

In deed the geometry is the same one … I exported to .lwo and then imported it into .c4d … I haven’t made any changes to the geometry.