Quantum computer

Researchers say they have designed a tiny crystal that acts like a quantum computer so powerful it would take a computer the size of the known universe to match it.


(Think that the real technology is many years ahead of what you see in the news)

If not for the numerous issues surrounding it as seen here…

“But of course everything depends on a huge amount of technical infrastructure around it. There are vacuum chambers and pumps and lasers, and all of that takes up something like a room.

Just think, dateline 2050, the new quantum computers now available in stores are so powerful that code optimization is now a thing of the past (that is if they don’t hit any major roadblocks along the way.)

Also, I noticed in the ‘related stories’ section something that may not take near as long to become reality and doesn’t appear to face as many barriers, single-atom transistors.

So 10-20 years from now, we’re buying PC’s powered by Intel’s new atomic bridge processors that might only have 8 physical cores, but each one having the combined power that is now only seen in today’s super high-end dual Xeon workstations.

It’s a simulation, an impressive simulation but a simulation. Looks like they have the theory nailed down though.