Quantum Core

Quantum Core… Well I don’t know about that… but without any ideas at the moment and feeling the need to put the paces to improve my texture skills… this thing has come about… randomly.

I’m definitely looking for any and all criticism as I go along. Depending on how this goes in conjunction with me feeling it’s a bit more of a whole “thing” or time worthy, may do a focused critique on it, trying to emphasize textures & abrasions. I’m reluctant but hopeful to become a bit frustrated with “it”, I need to improve.

Going for a bit of game art / Halo-esque vibe. Everything is rough yet, updates will be coming.


Are you Reaching for the stars? :o

I like the textures so far, if you really are wanting to emulate Bungie with this, I would try to incorporate some blue tones somewhere. They love blue.

I think the texture work on the metal parts is nice, needs some reflections maybe. I think the tentacle/tube things are cool, and the material is interesting, but I wonder if the shader has too much of …something. I don’t like how it is reacting to the light in the back there.

You don’t know what a quantum core looks like!?!? Okay, I don’t either but I’m guessing it would have a copper electromagnet on it similiar to a proton particle accelerator. Confused? Just add copper wire wrapping around something.

Actually, started out just trying to make myself a cool avatar like everyone else has :rolleyes:

Here’s an update (minus tubes for now). I fiddled with the tubes earlier but didn’t figure out where all that white light was coming from. I thought it was the rim light but it wasn’t. I have an experiment in mind for the tubes yet too, so I’ll look closer here shortly, they’re for sure messed up.


Also, I’d do something interesting with the middle.

The tubes… turns out this “problem” was a good thing. It got me to re-read my chapter on lighting in my Blender for Dummies book and showed me just how much more I can do with my lights… so I feel I learned a lot. Funny how you read something the first time and you just try to get the basics understood and in re-reading you really get the fine details. My dummies book is still my favorite…

So the problem is with the left fill light reflecting strongly into the camera (the angles work out). The trick will be in using lighting layers and masking it out while trying to conserve some of the specular highlights. I’ll be working on that now and trying to incorporate some blue lighting. I may in the end opt to remove the rear two top tubes, I’m not so sure they’re even adding anything worthwhile to the scene other then clutter.

@ GraphiX : Thanks for the feedback =D I do have a “vortex of energy” planned for the middle. I have some “experiments” in mind so not exactly sure what that means yet. You also have me thinking about copper coils and where I might fit them, you’re right, all good energy (typically) comes from those.

Minor update (in appearance). Pretty much reworking the scene from the ground up. Focus yesterday was all on lighting. Way out of my comfort zone and reading lots, but I really, really like what I’m getting (knowledge) out of this. While the lighting still isn’t finished, comparing this to the previous image I posted, there’s quite a big difference.


I like the blue light, but not nearly that bright. I say tone that down a ton and make it more of a background light and not the main one.

That’s looking awesome man, definitely looks like a game object. As for the Halo feel it’s going to be tough to create a new object that looks like it fits in the Halo world, but if you make a background with a few cues from Halo it should send that message across.

One crit the openings where the tubes come from could use a little more depth, they look thin atm.

Maybe a few battle scars? :slight_smile:

Good feedback, I agree with it all, ty. This render is just to show some updates. I updated the hose clasp (thicker). I also started working on the rest of the scene (since really that will drive more of the lighting… model first >.<). Lighting on this one is brighter just so I can see the rest of the room. The pillars are very rough at this point, will be working on refining them (somewhat based on http://files.xboxic.com/xbox-360/halo-3/halo-3-20070701092605561.jpg)

I will finish modeling the scene, then work / rework textures (& abrasions).


Well, sure enough that “thing” is really good to practice texturing skills.
You’re putting togeter a nice piece.

Thanks Carrozza, I find that motivating to continue.

I spent most of last night refining how I’ll do the abrasions, and it went better than expected. Outside that, I got some more modeling done. Again, textures/lights are just roughly set in.


Looking very good. That blue light is still there, almost brighter, lol. But that is just a personal preference. Other than that, the scene looks really good. Keep it up!

I like the blue light! It probably needs some refinement, but I think it adds interest.
I am glad that the tentacles/tube things have someplace to connect to, they make more sense now. I didn’t like the base of the pillars, glad you changed the camera angle.

The bright light coming from inside is cool, but the noise in that area needs to go I think. Of course you need some cool textures on the chainz.

Textures and lights put into place. 2 renders just for drastic comparison.


I have som little idea. Up there(this wont be visible) there should be a big fan (big as full that “room tube”) and spotlight with enabled HALO effect (not very intensive) :wink:

I like that idea, I’ll give it a try!

I’d like to see how you modeled those two pillars in the back they look awesome!

Just one comment, the core has a military feel and that is mixed with alien surroundings, the two styles kind of clash, although I don’t know if that’s what you meant. Maybe the texturing on the core it self could be changed to a purplish-blue to give it that alien feel. You did do a great job on the texturing though don’t get me wrong it just doesn’t fit in my opinion.

Partially lost my can base texture for the last render =( Apparently didn’t save the abrasion layers in GIMP the other night. All the same, just for practice. Here’s a new texture (hand painted in GIMP).


I’m going to just hi-jack this thread for WIP work rather than making new ones (hopefully that’s okay)… Something I’m working on that has a little more purpose… and trying out the new work flow.