Quarantine is always better with a playful pup

Youtube popped this up for me and indeed, if you don’t have a puppy to obey your Stay at Home order with (and you know how animal care works), go and get one.

I’m a Beagle guy actually, but most breeds will be able to bring a positive atmosphere in these tough times. This will work well as something to watch after the sun goes down.

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thats just cute

I am from South Africa, we are entering our 4th week of lockdown in about a half an hour. I think I have cabin fever as I feel like I am going batty!!! :crazy_face:

I have a Golden Retriever and he is not helping.


worked as a morning smile, thanks :wink:

How do they get any work done? :rofl:

Yes, having a pet is a good thing at home. It can ease a lot of stress.