Quarantined: Viscerafest

Quarantined viscerafest is a fast paced, over the top first person shooter. It takes inspiration from classics of the 90s era such as DOOM, rise of the triad, and duke nukem. There will be over 18 levels with 4 boss levels upon full release, with a unique arsenal and a wide variety of foes to use them against.

Beta available here:

this is really good, might want to make it a little more dificults looks very easy… PS post screens… :wink:

Dude I regularly play DOOM on nightmare difficulty, and by extension there are five difficulty levels I’m playing on only the second as its what I have right now, and all of my friends have struggled for upwards of 20 minutes to beat the the first level… On the medium difficulty, also this games hardest difficulty will be instagib, meaning one shot, and your dead.

I’ve played it a bit. Great game, very hard and fast paced. Reminds me of Quake 1.
I found only one bug but was not able to reproduce it again. (on level restart, I was not able to control my character and it just runs forward)
One suggestion - make the red barrels explodable. At first, I intentionally tried not to fire into their direction, because of the way they look and their locations in the level, its like they “scream - I will explode”. Imagine my disappointment when at last I shoot them. :smiley:

Also your .zip contains the game two times :slight_smile:

Overall very good and fun game!

Thank you very much. In regards to the barrels I’ll look into it, but the problem right now is that they’re all the same object and with the way the game engine works there is a chance it may cause an extreme dip in preformance, though again I’ll see what ai can do. I’ve had the movement bug happen to me once or twice as well though like you said its very hard if even possible to consistently replicate, and I very very heavily test the everliving crap out of this game having played through everything dozens of times and still can’t figure out what triggers it. Next version I’ll be sure to have only one file of the game. And finally my composers got all his equiptment working so eventually the game will actually have music fitting each individual level.

Holy sht this is fcking great. Keep up the incredible work. First time seeing this genre done well in the bge. Making one myself as well.

Wow this is Great it really looks like its predecessors Nice job on makin it look like that man
i give you credit for your work Nice job man.


Quick little update here, a lot of progress gas been made, level 5 is currently under development, several more enemy types have been added to the roster bringing it up 14, the first bosses sprite has been put together, barrels now explode by request of haidme, some weapons have been rebalanced, the layout for the first boss level has been put together, and a few other things, I update the gamejolt page with devlogs regularly, so if you’d like to keep up to date with development be sure to follow me there. You will also find a link to the early demo there, links above, so give it a run. I would love to hear what you think, so be sure to leave a comment. Thats all for now, until next time.

So at this point so much has been added or changed that going over it all here would take an eternity, but the alpha is being updated even to this day so if you’re interested give it a a wack but here’s some new stuff.

Looks great! Maybe the view angle is a bit wide. Makes it hard to see the enemies as they are very small on screen even when they are quite close.

In actual play its not really a problem, the enemies are pretty darn easy to pick out so unless you cant lead your shots or aim for squat you won’t really have a problem. To add to that its done partly for my sake as the wider fov prevents me from getting motion sick as well as increasing the feeling of speed.

Maybe it’s the FOV or the sprites’ scale, but I get the impression of miniature characters inside a normal-sized environment. Everything else about this project is incredibly slick, I’m most impressed with how fluid the player control is.

So after the enemy scaling being brought up twice I decided to look into it and did find the enemies scaling was a tad bit small. This has been adjusted and after any kinks I may have to work out have been dealt with thusly it will be added in the next patch

Turn on some lights or make there some more contrast

If your watching on mobile it tends to make it far darker than.it actually is

I was on my pc and it was still too dark

odd I and most others I’ve talked to can see everything just fine.

yeah this is a very cool project…