quarternian rotations

I find quarternian rotations quite difficult to use because they don’t seem to relate very well to the graph/iso editor.

Is that just me?

Is there any way of changing the type of roation for bones?

hey tmcthree,

It’s not just you. I understand that euler rotations will be available for bones in 2.5… so hang in there!

In the meantime a way you can achieve this behaviour if you really need it is to constrain the orientation of a bone to an object, since objects can be rotated with euler rotations. This isn’t practical for a whole character though obviously, just for that unique situation where you need something to spin infinitely, or mechanically.

I hope that helps!

Often neither do eulers (blend file with a constant-speed off-axis rotation in euler). But I digress…

Is there any way of changing the type of roation for bones?

Not in Blender 2.4x, unfortunately. Which is a definitely a big setback, I agree.

2.5 will likely present a choice for either.

But they do for simple movments.

When I was at framestore there were people who would draw there motions in the graph editor before they even touched the rig.

But I’m not finding the quarternians too bad anyway. They just seemed bad because of the way copy pose doesn’t take account of the beziers. but thats another thread

Absolutely. As long as the rotation is on (or close to) one of the gimbal axis’, eulers rock. For that reason I love eulers for single-axis rotations, like elbows or door hinges.

Ball and socket joints frequently make off-axis rotations, so I personally prefer quats for that.

In any case, I do think it’s important to present the user with a choice for each bone/object. Then they can work how they are most comfortable.