Quaternion has no effrect

I have a model rigged and the elbows do not bend perfect. Its a cartoon so I do not care if its perfect but the Quaternion button has no effect at all. I thought there was a tool that was like the quaternion button but maybe that was a dream as I can find no such tool. I do not want to use shape keys but will if I must.
Any easy ways to fix this ?
Know why the quaternion tool is not working for me?

What is the problem when you bend the elbow?

it sounds like you have rigged the arm bones at a weird angle

try rotating the forearm bone in edit mode so the axis lines up with the direction the elbow should bend

otherwise post some pictures or the blend so we can tell what you arte talking about

The mesh it and the rig are fine. I want to know if anyone knows reasons why the Quaternion tool may not work or if there is a tool similar.

what is the Quaternion tool you are referring to?

you haven’t explained your issue very well at all

The one in Blender.
Deform preserve volume.
I really wanted to ask someone who knows what the tool is and is for.
Or maybe there is more then one and that’s why you asked ( joke ).

All it does is use a different mathmatical calculation to do rotations, usually preserving more volume than the default. It however is not a magic fix joints button. Post a .blend file or screenshots if you want better help.

It amazes me how many people replay without a answer. Sounds like you don’t even read the post . Some do not even have a clue. “what is the Quaternion tool you are referring to?”. “…mathmatical calculation…” who cares ? I did not ask that.
I’m Not going to post a blend file. I know that is a choice I might suffer for but it is my decision . So if any one wants to ask me to again fell free or teach me how to post a question ok . I know I need all the help I can get . I feel so sad for my self .
If anyone has a answer to my poorly written question forget it I really do not want to know. Fixed it with a shape key yesterday. I do not care that the tool only works sometimes. I have a thousand questions and that one is in the back of the line.
Im really having fun now , honest.
Really I cant stop now that we all are ignoring the question. I feel like I’m in creative writing.
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I would write more but i do not like writing in this small box. Time to blend. Oh thanks for the non answers .