Queen of Spades

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time I haven’t post something here, but I was working on and off on my short film that gonna be ready soon (I hope). This is an other project I’ve made as an instructor. The goal was to get in shape a playing card starting from 2D concept. We wanted something aesthetic and unusual.

If you’re interested about watching the timelapses and more content of this project, check this link: https://www.facebook.com/artefactprod.fr

And don’t forget to check out the blog of the talented french artist Camille Guilhot who did the concept art: https://reuphe.wordpress.com/

Great concept, however the eye looks terribly wrong to me, as it’s perfectly horizontal whereas the head is not vertical. The round eye looked way more natural on the concept art, what a shame…
Apart from that, it’s a really beautiful concept! the mix of realistic hair with flat shapes is stunning

Yes you’re right. But after several attempts, the eye was still weird to me in 3D. So I’ve decided to paint it over in gimp. Here you can see an other version (the eye position is different):

Mais en tout cas merci pour ton commentaire, ça fait plaisir.

well I liked it so much, I made a quick version

I wish this was a real complete deck of cards ^^

encore bravo :wink:

Thanks Elbriga I’ll try to fix it


like it a lot!!

Thanks, I love your vehicles too

Great concept, wold be great to see all cards!

thanks elieli and don’t worry, I work on :wink:

Is it inspired by the silent Princess Ida?)

I didn’t know that princess before, so I’ve checked it and you’re right some details are matching. Plus, this game looks to be brilliant, I know what game I’m gonna play those next few weeks, thank you for that :slight_smile:

You are welcome) The game is brilliant indeed just too short and by the way it was modeled with Blender

I really enjoyed playing this game, short but brilliant, you was right :slight_smile: