Queen of the destruction

Hi all,

It’s been that I did not post a picture here:o. So I present to you the queen of the destruction that I made for the game “Galaxy Saga”.
I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Nicely done, I hope if you could apply some motion-blurs to the rocks and her right hand!!!
Good concept and colouring too, Thank you for sharing.

DEAR GOD THIS IS EPIC!!! I mean…great…great job! Yes…

Wicked design and excellent execution.:stuck_out_tongue: Looks more like a painting than a render, which is always good.

Is this 3D?! I need a wireframe image to believe it man! Otherwise great work :slight_smile:

Very, very nice!
It has a Yes album feel to it. I love the design of it.

Love the design of this character. Great job with the overall execution.

Excellent work Kargall
Of course it’s a 3d. Kargall is well know great blender artist.
It is also heavily overpainted.
But, what’s the point?
It’s an excellent piece of art.

Any wireframes?

Wires or it didn’t happen! :slight_smile:

Nice, both character and setting, reminds me of Pans Labyrinth slightly :wink:

Kargall terrific work! Hands down!

Wires or it didn’t happen!

One for sure, it happened.
Some tending to forget that 3d is not for animated art only. It’s also a great tool in the hands of an illustrator.
In this case, in the hands of a talented artist.
Congratulations on the beautiful toprow thumbnail.

Amazing job…

Interesting head. Bravo

very good. I wish you would have continued the spiky porcupine design on the rest of the body. it lacks a little bit of continuity.Overall great pieces. :yes:

Epic! Insane! :eek: Amazing!

Now, show us some wires before somebody accuses you of deception by Photoshop. It’s almost too beautiful to be true… :wink:

Really very impressive, I would be interested in hearing about your workflow and how you achieved this look. It’s awesome.

This is Art! Awesome!


Did you only used blender on the female model
if you did use it on the cloth part then you’re awesome…Looks like there are lots of post processing done on photoshop…

I look at that and I see a great piece of art.

It doesn’t matter how the artist did it, only that they did.

Having said that, a wire would be a great learning experience for me. :slight_smile: