Queen of the destruction

Breathtaking. This is truly impressive, nice work!

really great render. much better than the original game art, imo.

Hoo!? thank you very much guys (and gals). Delighted that the images you like. (Oops this sentence correct?)
Here are wireframes if it helps:


Some other wireframe and bottom that I offer :slight_smile:


Beautiful work as always!

do you used 3DCoat for painting ?

Awesome job, congrats.

Oooohhh, this is… stupendous! Amazing work. Top row well deserved!

Awesome work, and I love the overpainting and the concept… I agree, EPIC

Tutorial or it didn’t happen!

just kidding… :slight_smile:

Excellent work! I love it.

Amazing work :smiley:

Gallery quality. Glad artists of your caliber are using Blender. Thanks for sharing with us.

Great piece of work :smiley:

this is kind of freaking awesome, nice work… nice doesn’t really cover it./

this is perfect!

Bow to the king!
Awesome :smiley:

I’m speechless. I also vote for galery asap.

Amazing mix of 3D and 2D artwork.

This looks really awesome but the shoulder and the armpit area looks a little bit weird.

cool skulls

yep, that and a little bit of the bad guy with a piramid head from Silent hill.
Great work