Quest for the Holy Grail (WC70 Entry)

Here’s my entry for Weekend Challenge #70 (“medieval times”). It’s called “Sangraal, Quest for the Holy Grail,” and it depicts a vision of the Grail before King Arthur’s knights. In this scene they catch a glimpse of this long sought treasure of treasures and mystery of mysteries. Behind them appears the Grail Castle wherein resides the enigmatic maimed Fisher King of medieval romances.

Please click the thumbnail or here to see the complete image.

I hope you like it :slight_smile:


It’s very nice!

the same mistake was pointed out in Indiana jones and the last crusade.

Thanks, Chaos! :slight_smile:

Hi, djfuego, that’s one of my favorite movies. The grail design for this scene might not have been “chosen wisely” :wink: that is, if we are to believe the cup was indeed made of wood, but two things: I didn’t have a suitable wooden texture on hand, and I did want to make use of the new envmapping in 2.28c. Besides, I think it looks better like this. The Grail’s form and appearance (and existence) has been debated for ages, and so whatever it actually resembles, if it exists, remains unknown.

Yes, and I’ll be one of the many rushing out to get the IJ DVD box set too :smiley:



Nice job. I like those rubies. Btw, nobody knows what the grail looks like or is made of. All pure speculation. :wink:

Two movies which captured the grail well:

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Monty Python: The Search for the Holy Grail

I’ve just realized that monty python probably means “naked penis”

Was that a European or African swallow? Hummm I dun no. aaaargh. So much for the bridge keeper.


i’m warning you…

quick, someone give him a shrubbery!

…nice pic, i like the twinkly light bits on the grail, really make it stand out.