hi, im downloading the demo of Quest3D if anyone has used this can u please tell me if it is a good engine please, thanks for your time. and also if you need to no any programing languages to be good, or is it like blender?

Looked at it a couple of years ago. Good engine, good tools, way too expensive. IIRC it’s scriptable rather than being a progremming lib.

well the lite version of quest3d is 89$ i think…not too expensive
and it only lack the stencil-shadow feature and display a logo when starting the app created. I’m quite interested in it too!

hhhhmmm, thanks for the nice responses dude, i might invest in this then looks quit good, finished downloading the demo,it looks kinda cool, im use too the blend3r engine so i gota get use to this lol. thanks for the help.

ps. do u know where to find good tutorials?


I use Blender and Quest3D in conjunction. (I’ve been using Blender since about 1.7)

Blender is my modeler of choice, and Quest3D is not a modeler at all. It’s a realtime 3d application design program, basically. It’s like a really cool visual programming interface, which is great for me as an artist. You lay out visual “Channels” (basically blocks of code), and link them together.

Quest3D is very powerful and pretty easy to learn, but it’s not a “One click application builder”. There’s just no such thing as we all know. But used well, it can make it easier to create incredible applications.

Check out It’s the website for a professional game that is being developed in Q3D.

Anyway, it’s not ‘cheap’ per se, but it is very much worth the price I feel, if you’re serious about developing presentations, games, or any type of realtime 3d app.