Question 1: Ending object after IPO

I want an object to play it’s IPO and then end.
How would I do this with as few logic bricks as possible, since I have hordes of these objects in my game.

The IPO makes the object invisible (it fades away). If it is no more cpu intensive when it’s invisible than when it is deleted, then maybe it’s not necessary to end the object, but I don’t know that.

Another thing, is it possible to make an object fade/dissolve from one point, and not the whole mesh all at the same time? That would be a cool effect (like if a wizzard hits something with a staff and it starts dissolving from where it was hit…)

Thanks for the help! :wink:

  1. Have the IPO be defined by a timer, and when the timer reaches the end of the IPO, have a property that triggers the end of the object.

  2. Seperate the mesh into two objects, or just don’t set those faces to alpha.

Hope this helps.

use a timer property, reset it to something negative [say negative 2 for a 2 second fade anim] and use a property sensor of that timer property becoming greater than zero to trigger the end of the object

no, and it isn’t trivial even if you were writing your own engine.

If I’m not mistaken, the timer property start’s increasing from the moment the game runs. I need it to start when I want it to. The object isn’t added, it’s allready in the scene, so for example when I shoot it, it then has to play the ipo (fade) and then end.

Your suggestion would work if I could trigger the timer when I want to. Am I missing something?

thanks again!

I do this sort of thing with two properties: a timer and a boolean. Set it up so the object cannot be deleted unless the boolean = True. Set the boolean to false. Upon triggering the IPO, it resets the timer, AND sets the boolean to True. Do you see what happens?