[QUESTION 2.8 ] where to find Background images option for importing reference images?


Anyone know where " Background images " located?
I knew for 2.7, when press N, there is a Background Images section which could import images as reference. However, can’t find the option at 2.8 :frowning:

(ajarosz) #2

You need to use image empties. It is not ready yet but there is some functionality. Pablo said that it will be polished and more similar to how it worked in 2.79.

(rombout) #3

Does any one know why there are not adding the old function back in?


check the latest version, the Addons have been added. cheers!

(rombout) #5

I meant it more like background images in N panel. But i understand the current solution now better. They have added background image per camera which is better. Prior if you set it to camera all cameras woulld get all images.

However, they forgot to build in a convertion method. All old files will not show them now. I made an addon prior which allows you to export and import background images from file to file. I think i will adjust it so it wiil convert them to the current new method.