(QUESTION)2D sprite animation in four directions?(HELP)

I found a blend file with a simple sprite example, i modified the script (Sorry,i don’t remember who make this)
The sprite are moving only in the “right” and “left” directions, i want to make the character walk in four directions and possible a attack animation.

Blend file:

Seem to be that you are using 2.7x, so maybe this addon will help


I’ve been using it for a while, it does not work in UPBGE as is, but you can make your assets and then import into your UPBGE project.

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I’ve made a video tutorial some time ago about 2D animation in BGE, it’s in portuguese but you may be able to replicate the functionality through the images. The end of the video shows exactly the result that you want: a character facing four directions.

In the video I created a tileset texture, added one face on the same mesh for each frame and added one shape key for each face. Basically I use the texture’s backface culling to show only one face at time through shape keys animation.

I hope it helps. :wink:


Awesome, this technique works on UPBGE?

Sure, any version of BGE or UPBGE, since it just uses shape keys.

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Ok, i gonna use the shape keys in my game. Thanks Mataii and Joel for help me.