Question about a bunch a lights...

Hey. I got a bunch a lights on this ship I’m working on… they’re sort of unimportant lights that run through the hallways.

Anyway, when I made them, I used shift-D to duplicate them all… and I wish I would have used control-D so that I could change all their settings by changing the settings of just one of the lights.

My question is… is there any way to join all these lights, so that I can change them all by editing just one, or do I have to remake all these things with control-D?

To link materials, select one, box select the rest, add the material you want, then link them using ctrl L >> materials.

awesome. appreciate the help.

Oops, I meant ctrl L >> lamp data. Oh well, I guess you will figure it out, since when you link lamps, you don’t get an option for material. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I figured it out. It sure saved me alot of work! I didn’t want to have to put all those lights back in place.