Question about a collision?

O.K. I am making a DAMAGE BAR. I have a SPHERE that fires at a CUBE. Everytime it hits the CUBE it increases the DAMAGE BAR from green to yellow to red, then BOOM! I have the SPHERE set to end object when it collides with the cube. I have tried “COLLISION” “TOUCH” and “PROPERTY” but still have the same problem, which is this. Every other bullet will pass through the cube, the first bullet fired will END OBJECT correctly, the second bullet fired will pass through, the third bullet fired will END OBJECT correctly, the fourth bullet fired will pass through and so on. The problem it creates for me is, every other bullet that is fired that does not END OBJECT and just passes through ends up hitting the front of the CUBE and the back of the CUBE and adds 2 damage instead of 1. Can anyone help me, THANKS…


I ran into this problem in my Valentine game.

after you choose Collision, right under that button there is 2 buttons with dots, push the 1st one, (sets up a true pulse) then there is a button with an “F” in front of it, test out several setting of this one, it determines the frequency of pulses in 1/50th of a second. :smiley:

I tried what you said Dreamsgate, but couldn,t get it to work. Mabey I just am not doing it right, (WHICH IS THE CASE MOST OF THE TIME) LOL. I am posting the BLEND FILE mabey you or someone can take a look for me, and figure it out. Thanks…


Just hit the Space Bar to fire the bullet!!!

The NDN!!!

Some observations:

  • When you “rapid fire” the bug disappears until there is a long enough pause between bullets. The pause somehow puts the game engine in a state where it can’t detect the collision.

  • If you change your action to “Replace Mesh”, it works as you expect

  • The sensor doesn’t even register the collision that fails to end the object, so the bug is not isolated to the actuator.

I may check out the source and try to reproduce this later. Maybe then I could suggest some better alternatives. Until then, you could work around it by using “replace mesh” to something invisible.


that happens a lot of the time with a fast moving bullet. it’s really a bummer. you could make a ray and that would trigger the damage and have a bullet just be a mask. but that gets messed up when your character moves because it doesn’t act like a bullet. you could slow the bullet down(but still have resonable speed) and try some technices to make it look faster.

thats my 2 cents