Question about accurate dimensioning

I have been using blender for a couple of months now for a few passtime models (Im working on a model off the U.S.S New Jersey at the moment) but now I am trying to convince my Tecnical teacher to use blender instead of the 3D modelling suite in Vectorworks (which IMHO is useless compared to Blender). However since the models need to be very accurate I need to know whether you can accurately dimension the models (for example have them exactly 300*300mm for example). More specifically I would like to know if you can directly enter the sizes into Blender.

Im pretty sure you can do this but since I build my models to proportion I am not very sure.



You know, unless your model we’ll be used in “real life” 300mm don’t mean much
Blender is not targeted for CAD style modelling but you can enter acurately values, just press the N key
This works for objects or vertices or median points
Use it with empties or the 3D cursor to place precisely your objects
And with the new CVS build Blender shows the dimensions and angles in the 3D view


Aw thanks man thats EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Its just the models I do in blender are going to be submitted for examination so I have to make them accurate and detailed

I’m also interested in blender dimensions.

It becomes important when you use the blender ‘game engine’
Later, you might want to walk around your ship model in 3D.

You should think that 1 blender unit = 1 metre
I expect some criticism for that statement.

I made a simple physics test blend.
Move a camera up 1000 blender units high in z plane.
Make the camera an actor in Logic (F4)
Create a plane at ground zero.
Start the game engine with Pkey.
The camera falls to the floor. Time it. - I make it about 13 seconds.

From simple laws of motion s = 0.5 att
s = distance,
a = 9.81
t = time in seconds
transpose t = SQRT( 2
S/a )

time to fall 1000 metres = SQRT( 2000/9.81 )
t = 14.3 seconds
which is close to my measured value of 13 seconds.

So 1 blender unit = 1 metre 8)



I should go to school instead of playing football when
I was a kid :slight_smile: