question about action and IPO

what is the difference of using the action settings from IPOs… in case there is none, forgive me for my dumb question… thanks in advance!

And action is actualy a system of ipo curves used to control an armature object.

Also, actions don’t have any real movement from one point to another. They are simply armature animations as spike pointed out. If you use an Action, you also need to use some sort of Motion actuator or Loc IPO to move the Actor. Here’s some pretty comprehensive reading on the subject of setting up armatures and actions if you’re interested:

Blender Manual 2.3, Chapter 16: Character Animation

Edit: It’s worth the time it will take you to read. Trust me.

thanks guys… As i have expected, the community once again helped me get the right answer… I really love this place…

Hey I was wondering what, if not all, of that section blendenzo is applicable to the game engine.