Question about actually creating a game..

Hey, I’m a [email protected] and I have no idea what I’m doing.

Now that I have that established, I have a few questions about blender:

I just downloaded blender last week, and have played around with it for a bit and found out it can be used to create games (via this forum lol)
Can one actually create a hole game with blender? One that’s package in an .exe or such and can be installed and played on others computers?
I’ve always wanted to make my own game, and it would be cool if I could do it with blender as I already have became somewhat familiar with the interface.

Could any of you link me to some beginner tutorials on game making in blender? I mean serious beginner here lol the basics

Anyway, do you guys think it would be possible to create a game as good as, say… CS (first version) Or maybe a game like AudioSurf or anything, I’ve really always wanted to create an online game like FPS or MMORPG others could play lol

Simple answer, yes you can but it can take quite a while to learn the range of skills.

The Blender Gamekit is a great book for learning the Game Engine. It’s a pay product, but you can legally download the older version of it from

There’s also quite a few good tutorials around. My favourite beginner one is the collection at:

(just make sure to keep clicking for the next tutorial at the bottom of each page).

Have fun!

Welcome to Blender and the Blender game engine. You can create any game imaginable if you have the skills. A good site is And the forum is a great place to learn.

I have a number of links to resources and tutorials on blender, the game engine, if you click on “resources” in my sig. Includes a few from

Welcome to the forums!

Thanks for the links guys, I have alot of reading to do now x.x lol

I had another question, I was checking out some of the games already made with blender and python and most of them didn’t have that great graphics, when you render in blender (hey that rhymes) I know you can create some pretty good graphical things, so I’m wondering if you could make games with them also, or are games limited in the GFX area err lol

Games are not limited in graphics at all. Blender dosn’t have as much power as some game engines so if you make a game with amazing graphics it would probably require a fairly powerful computer. With the new GLSL features of Blender the game graphics can be just as good as most modern games as long as you have the skills to create them and the hardware to run them.

You can use the integrated GLSL, enable in game menu, in new versions (2.48+, also in some apricot beta builds).
It’s pretty easy to have the hardware to run good games, a comp that can run a game like Oblivion, built can cost like $700 (no peripherals) . But you have to be able to build it, then it’s cheap. It’s even cheaper to just upgrade your comp if you have a desktop.
If you have Vista, let me tell you it SUCKS at games. I have Halo 1 (Combat Evolved) in vista, amd 64 X 2, nvidia go 7150M, 1 GB ram and sometimes it runs at 5 FPS!!! I had a pentium 4 (~1ghz) desktop, much less RAM and a sucky videocard, it ran perfectly on win XP.

Yeah, I didn’t upgrade to vista cause of all the issues, I’m still on XP till windows 7 finalizes or something.

But I’ve got an 8800GT, and a AMD x2 5000+, some of the render times are slow on my processor ( is there anyway to speed up the rendering times? ) But so far all games I’ve played didn’t lag.

So I just switch to “Blender GLSL materials” in the game menu to activate them? I’ll look up more about this later, I’m reallly tired and got to get to bed lol

@Dawish, I saw your “otherword” rpg, and it looked really cool, like one of those cool ragnarok type rpgs. Anyway, you say with the GLSL stuff can create games up to par with the current games? Could you be more specific like, would it be able to handle graphics such as the ones in Devil May Cry 4, or graphics of Guild Wars/Cabal Online

Anyway this stuff is pretty interesting, I played with 3D a bit when I was younger but didn’t get into it, kinda wish I did now that I don’t have much time to be on the computer, but the fact theres a hole 3D enviorment that you can control just amazes me lol

B3D00, have you tried updating your graphics card drivers? That is PITIFUL performance, and NOT necessarily Vista’s fault. I run plenty of games at the same (if not better) performance in Vista. It’s a good idea to get Windows updates as well, but video card drivers (and maybe other drivers) would be a possible source of your woe. You’d get your drivers from and make sure you choose drivers FOR Vista.

I can understand maybe a 5-15FPS drop as a POSSIBILITY, but 5 FPS just means that something is plain wrong, and it’s NOT vista alone.

Could any of you link me to some beginner tutorials on game making in blender? I mean serious beginner here lol the basics

cartoonsmart it should get you on track :wink: i strongly recommend it

Woah, I just saw this video:

The graphics are on par with crysis and such, looks even better lol they said they made it with openGL and GLSL, so if I knew alot about this stuff I could create a game with those graphics in Blender with its integrated GLSL? or is that a hole different engine they used in that video, as it said “GLSL Engine”