question about adding a model on an amature

I have an animated armature. I need to add a model to the armature, but I’ve got a little problem.

  1. i opened a file contains animated armature as shown in the pic
    2.i try to add a cube place on the right hand with similar size
    3 i click on the cube and then the armature (make parent to armature)
    4 i’ve added the all vertex of cube to armature “right hand”
    when i press Alt-A the cube is not attach to the hand but flying around
    So i have question on the picture with red circle… what is the "point"at the bottom (I know this point affect the “cube” at higher position), what should i do next if i need the cube attach to the right hand normally

Ask in the right forum.

Don’t see a pic but the ‘point’ is probably the Object Center, it defines the Object and what is drawn on the screen is linked stuff just for your graphic benefit. If you move the Cube in Edit mode the Object Center stays where it is, since you’re editing the Mesh (only linked to object) relative to the Object itself. In Object mode it goes along for the ride.

You are doing it the wrong way; you should Parent the Cube Object to the Hand Bone.

Why not model a humanoid Mesh and do it right:


thx~ but i have worked on the giner man before and it works ok
anyway, the armature is a .bvh file, so i need to add the mesh to the armature. I have used Alt-O to clear the orgin, but it seems don’t work