question about alt+d and selecting

1st i was try to make a “instance” of my box that i was going to model. but when i hit alt+d to make a copy that will change with my current one nothing happens. I can still do the shift+d and that makes one but i just makes a duplicate. what is going on?

2nd So far I have done little modeling because the only way i know how to select things like a face or a edge is by selecting all ther verts and are connected to it. this can become very annoying and time consuming when i am working with even a slightly compicated model. is there a way that i can select faces instead of just the verts. I already know how to select a edge but that is still not “big” enough.

  1. It works here!

  2. In edit mode select all the verts that you won’t be using (ie: at the back of the mesh) and press H to hide them (Alt-H unhides). Now you can use B or BB to Box-Select the faces. You can also use F (Face Mode) in Object Mode (Pink) and with RMB, Shft-RMB or B and then Tab into Edit Mode to see the selection


thanks that face select thing is as close as i guess ill get to what i wanted but one more question about that. is ther a way that i when i go into uv face select mode that i can make the image not just a plain white because i cant see what i am trying to select and it makes it quite difficult to be precise.

It’s the second best you’ll get that’s why I explained it second.

In Edit Mode in the Edit Buttons in the Mesh Tools 1 tab turn on “Draw Edges”.


thanks you have been a great help. now i will just experiment with both ways and see which i prefer

i figured out why the alt+d thing wasnt working…kinda a stupid mistake…i was in edit mode not object mode. :stuck_out_tongue: but yet just one more question… when i do the alt+d thing and then try to mirror it and get the 2 halfs to fit to gether they both just mirror(kinda like they are supposed to) but this is a problem. what should i do/what am i doing wrong?

Do you mean that both instances are mirroring? If so, make sure you’re mirroring in Object Mode, not Edit Mode.

thats what it was. thanks. i am still not used to the way blender will do completely different things wheter u are in object mode or edit mode.