question about animated halo materials

Alright, let’s assume I have a plane, keyframed to move along the x axis. I also have a particle system setup so the plane leaves a trail of particles. The assigned material is a halo with an ipo set so that the halo’s size and color gradually change over time.

Issue: All the halo’s (the ones assigned to brand new particles and old ones alike) recieve the changes along world time. For example, If I have particle A emitted at frame 1, and particle B emitted at frame 50, and the material set for the size to expand from small to large and from white to black over fifty frames, particle A and B will both be black on frame fifty.

I was wondering if there’s a way to set the particle material to react to the particle’s lifespan. This way particle A will be small and white at first, and become large and black at frame fifty. at the same time, particle b will be emitted, small and white (frame 50) and become large and black in fifty frames (frame 100).

I hope this is clear, I’m at school so I can’t upload an illustration of what I mean.


hopefully this clears it up. ignore the smokieness of “what I want” i meant for it to turn out like the black Halo’s in the second panel. I was just too lazy so I used actions when I made the picture.

This is an old file. The object at right is redundant so ignore it (back then you had to use the Material of another Object to get HaloSize to work on an IPO).


I haven’t had a chance to look yet, but it seems like that’s exactly what I wanted. I’ve yet to compare the files, so I don’t know why mine wasn’t behaving properly. Thanks a lot though man.

Hate to double post, but I bet this would get looked over otherwise,

It seems just about everything is working the way I want it (I can’t explain why it wasn’t before.)
the problem now is that I have a
texture on the particles, and I’d like the offset to also change over a particle’s individual life.
I’ve set Ipo’s for ofs, but to no avail. The change shows up in the texmapping panel, but not in the render.