Question about Animating 3D objects within Live Footage

Hullo Blender community! I’m new to this sort of thing and, as such, I have a basic question. Specifically about mesh-animating.

I have a video project I’m working on in which I want to put an animated T-rex into some footage I shot of a warehouse. My primary effects software is HitFilm 2 Ultimate. Is it possible to import the video footage I shot as a background into blender so I can animate the dinosaur to match the movement of the background? Or do I have to animate the model by itself as best I can, render it as an alpha channel video and try to line up the model with the rest of my footage?

Thank you all for your future assistance.

I’m new to the forum so can’t post you a direct link, but search YouTube for the “Track, Match, Blend!” playlist by the user “alcoholadicted”. It’s the Blender DVD training for the kind of thing you’re requesting, that as far as I know was legitimately released for public consumption (please correct me somebody if I’m wrong). If you like it, purchase the DVD from the Blender Shop to help support them.

Thank you! I’ll look into it.