Question about animating a simple dumpster lid (Vertice not armature) - 2.57

So, I’m trying my hand at Blender 2.57 and my first real animation is a dumpster. (I’ve been using Fragmotion, but want to give Blender a go). In any case, this is just a simple “open” door style animation. I am using the vertice style animation rather than armature. The animation appears to move in a circular fashion and my lid leaves the base. I’m trying to keep the lid connected.

The video is here:


FYI Frame zero is horizontal. Frame 20 is verticle.

I don’t know what is “the vertice style animation” but in your video I can see that the origin point of the lid is not where it has to be.
The origin point is the center point for the rotations of an object.
For the lid, the origin needs to be where the hinge is.
You need to place the 3D cursor where you want the hinge to be (eg : by selecting something at this place and by pressing shift+S then “cursor to selected”) then you need to select the lid and press ctrl+alt+shift+C and click “origin to 3D cursor” (there is also an “origin” button in the tool panel).
Obviously before doing that you need to delete all your animation because changing the origin place means modifying the animation.

Thank you. I changed the location of the hinge for the lid and now the animation looks proper.

The next issues are somewhat more problematic. The model is currently divided into two meshes (the lid and the base). The base does not need to move at all. I am exporting this model into a DirectX format. Currently, the end use is not functional. The model flies off and explodes. At the same time, I am having a problem with lid collision. Assuming the model does not fly away and explode inappropriately, my character can walk right through the lid (but not the base).

So my next question is:

  1. Is there a way to add a collision detection to the lid?
  2. Why is my model flying away/exploding?

For further background, the end use is in FPSC. If I use Fragmotion to animate, the dumpster will work in one of my iterations (a few also fly away), but I still have no collision detection with the actual lid.