Question about animating actions


I Have build a basic character in blender that does not have a bone structure so using armature is out of the question, but i want to repeat certain made actions, I have done tutorials with the action editor but its al about armatures. is there a way to store a keyframed animation in a action?, so you can use the NLA editor to compose the actions?

Thx already

why do u dont want to use an armature?

because i cant use any, my char hasn’t got a bone structure not with any arms or legs, its needs to be moved simply and blink with his eyes etc. making those animations is simple but i want the animations in actions so i can compose them in the nla editor. like, move, move, blink eyes, jump and blink.
I hope you get the picture

In the IPO window header, in the Context menu, where it says “Object”, open that up and choose “Shape”. Then click the little icon of the drowning man left of the menu to make Actions of Shapes. Goto the Action window and you’ll see them.