Question about appending

Hi there, I’m a complete and total beginner at Blender. I’ve working through the ‘Noob to Pro’ Blender Tutorials Wikibook, and I’ve been having a blast so far. Problem is, something’s come up: I can’t append another project into my current one. When I select ‘append or link’, and subsequently right-click the relevant file, and click ‘load library’, a box pops up telling me ‘not a library’, I’ve tried with ‘active layer’ engaged, but it stilll wont budge. Help!

You cannot load an entire file. Instead, you need to select the file you want, and then what type of thing you want to link (such as camera, object, scene, material), and then you select which object or camera ect. you want to link, and then you click ‘load library’.
btw, welcome to the Blender community!!:eyebrowlift:

Thanks! Yes, it seems so very obvious now. Thanks a lot.

You’re quite welcome!