Question about .blend file versions

I’m asking to learn that,
if i model a model with blender 2.73 and then download blender 2.76 , open the blend file which was created with 2.73 version and save it with the newer version 2.76

Does the blend file now considered as 2.76 instant of 2.73?


you can upgrade,but cant downgrade. so going from 2.73 to 2.76 you shouldn’t have problem, but if you want to view that file in 2.73, it will look the same way as it did last time you opened it in 2.73.

but you might loose some of the latest features and there are things not backward compatible !

so better not do that in general !

happy bl

Do i lose only the uncompatible data or all the data that i had done in the newer one? (as crazyCAD2502 said?)
“it will look the same way as it did last time you opened it in 2.73.”


most of the time not a problem
but if you had physics features ect.
might not work anymore and loose some features

so better not take a chance keep using latest version that way it should be compatible all the time

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Thanks RickyBlender!

did something like that for new pointiness node last week
between 2.75 and 2.76

and when I re open it up in 2.76 again I had to redo the node
it was not working anymore

you could also save as Legacy
but not certain how well this could work !

so better keep using latest version
bl is forward compatible but not backward !

good luck
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The mesh format changed with blender 2.63 so if you want to open a blend file made in 2.75 in blender 2.62 you would have to enable the ‘Legacy format’ option when you save your file.

How about the File>“Append”?
Would it work?