Question about Blender and Cycle materials.

Sorry if the question has been asked before, but I could not find any threads in the forum.

I’ve been testing Blender Cycles for some times now, and I think there is no need to say it is a wonderful addition.

However, it seems that Cycles and Blender materials are mutually exclusive, because I can’t import objects textured in Blender and render them in Cycle.

So my question is :
What about the future?
Which texture/material system is going to be kept?

I have two characters I’ve modeled. One with vanilla Blender, one with Cycle.

If I want to prepare for future releases, should I concentrate on Cycle or “port” my character made in Cycle to Blender ?

Hope it is not too confusing. I will answer any questions regarding my request the best I can.

Cycles uses a purely node-based material system using a backend based on OSL, it gives the user a lot more power and flexibility over the texturing and shading, can be used to create physically-based materials (as well as unphysical material and shading effects if needed), and the ability to have all of that work together and with the GI engine to create any kind of result one might be looking for. In other words it is being designed to be as balanced and flexible as possible when considering the needs of those wanting to do both realistic and artistic/stylized renders.

For now though you shouldn’t have to worry about porting characters shaded for the BI engine to Cycles, nor porting it from Cycles to BI, while Cycles is indeed being built to eventually replace the BI engine, it is likely that both BI and Cycles will be seen side-by-side in official Blender builds for up to two years or more once the Cycles branch itself is merged into trunk.