question about blender for the ipaq

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Why is it only for the ipaq? There are quite a bit of PDA’s out there with ARM processors, but why does it only work on the ipaq? I’m planning to buy an ipaq, and this question poped into my head.

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(Timothy) #4

as far as I know it wasn’t ment to be released when they created it. It was more to show that Blender was capable of running on a pda.


(WingedOne) #5

I’m hoping if and when they release the sources that they release the sources that they used for the Ipaq version, so further development can be made on the Pocket PC versions. It could be problematic since they developed a special fixed-point graphics library for that version so it might not be practical.

It doesn’t work properly on the Ipaq 3850 model though, it should work okay on the 3650 and the 3675. Since it was an experimental prototype there are still some things that don’t work properly such as capping the ends of bezier objects and rendering scenes that were done with radiosity. When replacing my mesh with the radiosity rendered mesh I get a tangled mess of lines.

(raleighs) #6

I amaze my co-workers that I can create ‘almost’ anything in 3D on my Ipaq!

It is very usable!! I can create, animate and render in my hand! WOW!

What if I become a member, and Foundation frees Blender and no more development becomes of the Pocket PC version… Why throw away my precious $50 on something that will never be?

The Ipaq Version is wonderful!! Great job!
I hope to see a new version sometime in the future!