Question about Blender Modeler


I’m not exactly new to Blender or these forums, but I’ve yet to actually get really into it. I’ve been doing 3D for a while though, using the LightWave 7 demo. I really liked the program, but, I didn’t like the price tag, and when I switched to Mac I got used to the whole experience, which was very much different from what Newtek had implemented. Anyway, one thing I miss about Lightwave that I can’t quite seem to get over is the fact that I had the ability to select points and faces. What I mean is, I could select the face itself, rather than the four (or whatever number) points defining the face. This is similar to, for example Wings 3D, which has the added bonus of being able to select edges in a similar fashion.

So basically what I’d like to know is whether this presents a problem for anybody else. I’m guessing whatever problem it did pose is one which can be overcome, as evidenced by some of the amazing work that I’ve seen made entirely in Blender. Has anybody else had an experience like mine who can offer some advice? I’d really like to get into the spirit of Blender, but this has really held me back.


Face and edge selection is in the works. In the meantime you can hit F in object mode to go into face mode and select faces. Tab into edit mode to see your selection.


In the works, huh? Well, that’s good news. For now the face selection that you told me about is pretty good. Thanks for letting me know. Is there any reason this feature can’t be found through any of the menus?

Is there any reason this feature can’t be found through any of the menus?

Because it’s Blender

If you want to play with a face and edge selection try shmender


UV Face select mode is not in the menus because it’s already in the mode selection pulldown. Right where edit mode and object mode are.


So it is. I had no idea that Blender could do that, or that that particular function corresponded to UV Face Select. Anyway, I suppose I’m to blame for not experimenting more before asking. I’m still struggling to get myself around the UI, which seems very obtrusive most of the time. But I digress. Well thanks for all the help.

By the way, I looked into Shmender, but it’s Windows/Linux only, and as I said I’m a Mac user. Someday more people will see just how awesome OS X is, but until then I’m stuck. Incidentally if I had Windows I’d probably be using gmax, as it seems to be the most robust free modeler out there.

have you tried wings3d?

Yes, but again, there was too great a lack of OS X-ness. I’m kind of neurotic about that, I’m afraid to say. There is a 3D suite for OS X called Cheetah 3D which I really liked, but unfortunately it’s shareware, and I didn’t feel like paying $60 for it. One thing that really bothered me about Wings is that it launches in two steps, so there are always two programs open. It’s very strange. Thanks anyway.

That’s because wings is programmed in Erlang, an interpreted language, and the interpreter pops up a feedback console when starting.


Right, someone on the forums said something along those lines, but they never said anything about Erlang being interpreted. For being interpreted, though, it was awfully fast, unlike Java, though Java at least is more integrated in the operating and such and so the virtual machine can run in a more hidden fashion.