Question about Blender

Hey, I am pretty new to Blender, and it looks cool. I have had it for about a month, and I’ve seen numerous tutorials.
How do people make those cool models, like different animals, etc.? I barely get how to do much…I know this is a vague question, but if you could point me in a direction (I want to create animals and dinosaurs), that would be helpful. Thanks.

There is an astounding amount of time, patience, knowledge, and skill required. Those are the four cornerstones to success…in life, and in using Blender.

Start by setting aside 30 minutes of time:

Well, if you know how to use the basic tools, that’s basically how it breaks down. You just… shape stuff. It’d probably be better if you tried making something and then put it in the WIP forum for people to give you advice on.

hmm, I’ll try the wikipedia one. Thanks

I wouldn’t use the 30+30 one because a. it sucks, and b. it’s ancient. You’d be better off trying for the Blender Summer of Documentation version:

papa smurf you only said 3 things, how could that equal 4 cornerstones?

I just mesh around by pushing verts, you can’t hurt anything, and you might find something cool!

Go with the flow, check out the menus
find something that looks interesting and try it
the worst that could happen is that you messed up the mesh, but there is an undo button :smiley:

Stupid Smurf was playing tricks on me and edited out “knowledge” while I was getting a cup of coffee. Thank you for catching that. Now I have to go spank a naughty Smurf…