Question about Blender

I use Ubuntu - Linux and I am thinking about switching to from Gnome to KDE. So My question is - Is KDE Blender friendly, is KDE open source graphics friendly?

Isn’t KDE just the shell, so to speak, anyway, I’d imagine it would be perfectly fine with it.

Haven’t used KDE in a while but there shouldn’t be any problems.
Why don’t you just try a live CD of a KDE distribution (Kubuntu?) and see for yourself?

They certainly all run under KDE or any other window/desktop manager.

However, keep this in mind: Blender has an OpenGl interface, but both Gimp and Inkscape use GTK, which is the underlying native interface toolkit of Gnome. So, even if you use KDE, you’ll need this Gnome lib, GTK. I think nowadays both GTK and Qt (KDE’s native lib) apps use the proper native theme when running under each other… namekuseijin
Thanks namekuseijin

It’s a desktop environment.

GTK (GIMP Toolkit) is not part of Gnome only one of it’s many dependency.

I thought the same just recently, installing KXStudio, seduced by the ‘unstable’ svn versions of multimedia packages from there own repositories. Not that it relates to KDE, it’s just what made me try it again after Ubuntu and Gnome.

But KDE, (the latest ‘stable’ release, whatever version number it was), was appauling, slow and buggy, even after I’d switched off all the fancy pointless GUI crap. :-). Choosing Gnome at logon to compare, I found Gnome to be just as fast as my previous Ubuntu install, it was KDE causing the problems. But then I don’t use the fancy pointless GUI crap on Gnome either. :slight_smile: Whatever floats your boat though. :slight_smile:

Hated KDE and it came staight back off, a waste of time, . Don’t like to dis OSS software but it was appauling.

This is not KXStudio, just KDE, at the present time. No doubt there are many happy KDE users though, who don’t have the problems I did. :slight_smile:

Actually using Fluxbox now. :slight_smile: