Question about Booleans

Hello everyone.

I am quite a noob when it comes to modelling.
I decided, for now, to model only low poly simple objects.
At the moment I reached a point where I think I need to add a boolean modifier to the model.
Even tho, I may just have figured out another way to create the same effect.

My question is when you add a boolean to the model do you let it go through multiple faces?
Or is it better to have it go through a single face? Or does it depend on the object?

Can be either situation, depends what you want. If you look at some of the Hard Ops videos, you can see they get quite complex and you can stack them and even have booleans on the objects you are using to boolean.

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just googled Hard Ops, it is an addon?

It is, it’s a paid addon, but that and boxcutter take modelling to a whole new level. There are free addons such as Carver which do some things, but HardOps is in a class of it’s own. All the booelans though can be done internally, they just requrie a bit more effort, with Hops/Boxcutter, it’s a very fluid workflow.