Question about branches

I’ve watched a few tutorials and demos of some of the Blender branches available from, so I wanted to try them out for myself. I wondering if I’m missing anything, though. Since they’ve only been good at one thing so far - crashing on the launch pad.

Is there something I need to do to get these to work? I tried both the Tomato branch, and then the Cycles one, and they both do the exact same thing. The only thing that ever appears on screen is the window telling me it unexpectedly quit. First of all, doesn’t it have to at least run for a second to consider it “quitting”? Second, I’d drop the “unexpectedly” part at this point. It’s pretty much expected by now.

This is shame because both of these sounded interesting, not to try to employ into a serious project yet, but just to toy around with. Turns out they’re not fun at all. Clicking “ignore” for the twelfth time on the crash window never really brings a smile.

I do see evidence that it works for some people, at least the guys at BlenderCookie seem to be running more than a quick trip back to their empty desktops with them. I am on a Mac Pro running 10.5.8 with 4 GB ram. Of course, I also have Blender 2.59 (64 bit) installed and running fine. Should that setup be able to run these branch versions straight from the downloads, or is there something I have to enable first? It’s not like it’s preventing me from doing anything I was already working on, so I can just go work in 2.59, but they sounded intriguing and I wanted to try them out. Oh well…

You should just be able to download the build from and just run the in the download. For the cycles build you’ll best get one that says it includes all the dependencies