Question about cloth sim?

So I would like to ask how exactly do you make a cloth “fit” onto the person, and how to make it seem more “stable” because in the render it just seems to stick to the body.

So you can see what I was trying to do. To do that, I just made a plane and extruded it over the guy, then pinned the top to his body.

My question is, how do you make it seem that it’s actually part of the thing? It looks like the cloth has been split in half where it was made.

The clothes are already part of the object of the character (uv textured) and I wanted to make the bottom swing around, so how could I do that easily?

A few things, using minecraft style modeling isn’t going to get you much satisfaction, and from what I understood, you are just UV texturing the clothes onto the characters. To get a cloth type of clothe in your animation, you need to actually use the cloth simulator. Unless you are really good and Blender and want to do it with shape keys…