Question about Cloth Simluations.

My problem is that i want to make an animation involving the cloth simulation but when i add a cloth simulation, the simulation runs to frame number 200 or 300 before stopping. I want the result to be at frame number 1 not 400 or something. Can somebody help and please answer both the questions, not just one. Thank you. Link to the file if you need it:

Is the end result to be an animation or a still image?

i want an animation

Well there is no way I am aware of to roll the simulation back before frame 1. What I do is pause all motion on the character or whatever I am animating for about 100 frames or so to let the cloth settle. Then begin the animation. You can delay an animation you’ve already created using the dope sheet.

how do you do that?

Slide all the animation keys forward (positive X of the timeline, or “to the right”) in the Dope Sheet for as many frames as you want to delay. Basically you just start all your animation at frame 100 instead of 1. The first 100 frames are just to let the cloth “settle” into place before it starts being animated with the rest of the character.

Make sure all your animation channels are visible in the Dope Sheet before you do this, so none get “left behind.”