Question about clothes and hiding/deleting geometry underneath for game purposes

As far as I researched I saw that in cases where the character won’t change clothes you’d delete the hidden parts of the body underneath. However, my question is about those case scenarios where you’d change the character, like in MMOs Guild Wars 2 etc.

For example, when your character is fully clothed in a game like GW2 or WoW, is his body geometry underneath temporarily hidden/deleted and only gets activated once you remove them?

In other words, does a fully clothed character in the example of an MMO game render all geometry including what’s underneath and animates everything simultaneously?

Most of the time, characters with similar proportions and sizes share the same skeleton and some of the animations.
For low poly characters, you will have different models, for different outfits, whith an optimized polycount.
For more complex characters, you may have several techniques, with for example, clothes or accessories attached to a dedicated skeleton, child of main character skeleton.
And what is under the clothes are often deleted or hidden.

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Thank you so much for the response. I’m currently having a dilemma while working on a portfolio project where I hesitate whether to keep the body underneath the clothing or not. On one hand it makes sense to hide what’s not visible, but on the other - showing anatomy is also a plus but might be an additional challenge when posing everything together. What are your thoughts?

Deleting the body parts under clothes also helps to avoid bad overlaps between body and outfits during animations, especially for video games where everything is in real time.
However, for creation process, it’s better to have good anatomy underneath : it helps to make believable outfits.
For your portfolio : additional challenge is the way to go ! :grinning:

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I appreciate your suggestion! Happy holidays, btw! :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome, Happy holidays !