question about compiling for windows 64 bit

hi folks

going through the directions at BF for building blender everything goes fine till I get to where I need to open the visual studio command prompt. the instructions say explicitly to open the 64 bit command prompt if building for that platform.

Open the Visual Studio Command Prompt (NOT just the normal command prompt) (if compiling for 64-bit, make sure to open the 64-bit prompt).

when I go to start it I see no option for starting 32 or 64 bit command prompts, there’s just one. any advice what to do?
I was using visual studio 2010 express

BTW: on another machine with 32 bit OS things worked fine



IFAK Visual studio 2010 express don’t have 64-bit support, so you’ll need professional version of visual studio

thanks Gustav

I have acces to the pro version
would I then expect to see two versions of the command prompt?


I think I answered my own question
the 32 bit machine I have has the pro version installed
I used the 64 bit version of and it built fine
is there a way to confirm the new build is 64 bit? it’s in the install\win-32 directory


edit: doh! it shouldn’t work on a 32 bit machine:spin:
unfortunately, it does, apparently it’s still 32 bit

this looks like the answer