Question about Composition render pass "formula"


So let me understand understand this properly.

It goes: Total Diffuse + Total Glossy + Total Transmission.

After that, is + Emission and + Environment?

Also, where does Total volume, Emission, Shadow and especially AO gets added for the beauty pass?

PS: Do i need the noisy image for anything?

Hello !

Yes, because it’s using additive blender mode which is an addition, the order isn’t relevant.
You can do Diffuse + Emission + Glossy + Env + Transmission, it doesn’t really matter.
Total Volume should be added like other pass.

Shadow and AO are kind of different, you shouldn’t use them to recreate the beauty pass.
It’s more some passes that you use on top of everything to add more shadows or change shadow colors for instances.

Probably not, at least not if you recombine the beauty like this !

Where exactly should I add the AO? After the beauty pass?

You can multiply the AO on top of the beauty pass.
But it doesn’t make a lot of sense, AO is already in the diffuse as part of the global illumination.
It’s mainly for cheating and help more complex compositing scenario.
On a regular render it will probably do more harm than good.

and what about the mist pass? best place to add that?

oh and do i need to do anything with the depth channel?


The system to recreate the beauty from diffuse, glossy etc has strict rules. You should combine passes in this order or the result doesn’t have sense.

For all the other passes you can use them more freely, there is no “need” to use them but the question is more what result you want and are these passes helpful in that case.

Ok a different question.

I have two different colored emissions. They are also different materials added to seperate objects.

It it possible to seperate them so that I can add one glare mode with one setting to one and another glare node with another setting for the other?

It should be possible, you should look into cryptomate to separate one element from a render.

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ok i think i did dug my own grave with this, but ill ask anyway.

i rendered the whole animation in 480p. then did the composition. then i set the render resolutions in 1080p and set a different output folder.

when i render now, the composite renders come out as 480p and not 1080p.

anyway to do the composite to 1080p without rendering the whole initial file in 1080p?

Look at the scale node, depending on what you did you’ll probably have to put it at the end of the tree before output.

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Set your scale node to 2.25 for 480 to 1080

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Yes or set it to Render Size , that should work too !

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nothing showing up

@sozap @joseph

Then try relative with values @joseph gave you, when you disable the scale node it works ?

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ok i see how blurry you said it was previously.

im going 1080p first render.

1000 frames damn it :frowning:

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