Question about connecting a robot to Blender python

Hello guys, I am trying to connect a dorna to blender in order to send move commands from within blender for example following a curve, etc. This hopefully can later be expanded for other robots.

I am using the Dorna (1) API

which is successfully installed in blender
This code works on the python console

from dorna import Dorna
robot = Dorna()

the problem comes as I am trying to make a UI addon to do this tasks from a panel,
I am not sure how to create the robot object and being able to keep this variable and be called on other operator classes.

when I use the robot = Dorna() in the connect operator it works but the robot variable doest work when i try to call it from the robot.home() i belive its a local variable problem, and the main question is where or how to create a global variable on an addon.