Question about coplanar surfaces and FreeStyle Line edges

It has been a limitation of Blender 3D so far that coplanar surfaces, possessing one material reference,
can encounter angle inclusion problems with their freestyle line edges at rendering time, and cannot stack through an additional (virtual) dimension well (such as via QI range), tope down, particularly if the surfaces are all x,y,z coincident:

If I wish to remain inside 3D modelling, and not 2D sketching, will Blender 2.8 include any new faculties
that will allow coplanar surfaces or planes with freestyle line edges like this to QI-accumulate (or similar),
with 4th dimension “stacking” of planes and surfaces, getting better support for consistent rendering, at any arrangement and any angle?

Particularly since the 20 layers system is about to be superceded and replaced with a ‘Collection/s’ system?