Question about Cpu relation with Gpu remembering games

Hello guys how it’s going?
I have a question… I aways see people talking about bottle neck in pc rigs like:
ooo the 2080 ti can not be pushed by a intel celeron etc…

I’m doing renders in evee focusing in animation and I will get a ryzen 3 cause I’m in lowbuge (using my wife laptop)w
the question is, my renders in evee (and even in cycles) will be afected by the low cpu?
I’m planning on saving money to get a decent gpu and I was wondering if I could go higher like a RX 5700 or RTX 2060, but the cpu will hold down the GPU renders? (like in games you know) or blender use all the horse power of the gpu and ignores the cpu?

Rendering in Blender is different from gaming. Since the rendering isn’t done in real time, that’s not much of a problem. You might experience longer loading/compile times, but that’s it. A Ryzen 3 isn’ t a slow CPU per sé.
Which model do you plan to get?
For the GPU I’d recommend you stick wIth NVIDIA for the RTX goodness.

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Planning to get a 3200g.
PS: what is the RTX goodness?

Cycles now supports the Optix features that come with the RTX series cards. Although not all features are supported right now it’s the fastest technology you can use in Blender.
I think you settled on the 3200 for budget reasons?
May I suggest considerng a 2600X? It’s around 20 bucks more but boards will be cheaper. You don’t need the integrated GPU when getting a dedicated one but would get full 2 more cores at the same 3.6 GHz.

Edit: I think that would make a nice pair together with a 2060 for hybrid rendering.

I was going to take a ryzen 5 but I’m from Brazil, the 2600x it’s double the price of the 3200g, I could get a better pc… but this will mean 4 to 6 months with no pc (and better do all the stuff with no hair and fancy stuff than to don’t at all ), I’m planning on get the 3200g than save for a gpu (to add hair partciles and volumetric and sparkles :D) and finally take a new cpu next year.

ps: I’m doing my stuffs on a I5 8265u with mx110 It handle most of the task, just not hair and volumetric (when I add than the render per frame go to around 12s ).

Uh, wow. Didn’t know you’re in such a messed up market.
In that case then it makes total sense.

Edit: Oh I totally forgot calling you welcome to BA :wink:

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Well really thank you :), you made my blender days much happy cause I thought I would need a super cpu to get a better gpu in the future haha. Anyway thanks again.

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