question about creating sprites from hand drawn artwork...


I had a question about creating animated gif and sprites from hand drawn art… basicly how is it done? you see, I’m working on a fairly simple 2d side scrolling game project and I’m heading the artwork. my end of the project is strictly art. no programing.:smiley: but how do I digitalize it?

as far as software, I have Gimp and Paint shop pro 9. could I use psp9 for creating the levels?
any sugjestions or references would be very helpful:)


both will do the job just fine, now i asume you have a scanner, or a wacom tablet so i say, just draw your sprites… tho do keep in mind that you have to draw every pose in frame by frame.

I downloaded “Graphics gale” last night but I havn’t really had a chance to look at it… what do you mean by to draw every pose frame by frame? and How do I draw sprites?:confused: