Question about Curve modifier


I’ve recently been playing with the Curve modifier and am wondering if I’m doing something wrong or it’s just supposed to be that way…

Anyway, I added a subdivided plane and then created a curve alongside it.
So far, so good. But then, when I set the curve modifier on the plane, it gets flipped 90 degrees. I then have to enter edit mode and flip the plane back there, so that it appears correctly in object mode.

I’d just like to know if I’m missing something obvious or setting it up wrong or whatever. Even though it eventually works as expected it still bothers me that the plane is flipped in edit mode and I can’t figure out why that would be… :slight_smile:

Thanks for any insights.

Iaminnocent recorded an excellent Flash tutorial on curves:

Or maybe you should make sure the curve is rather flat before you apply it.
It’s also easier if your bottom t top sizes are about the same.

Thanks to both of you

The curve was at the exact position of one of the planes sides, that’s why I was puzzled that it would jump out of alignment in the first place.
What helps is actually setting the dominant axis, as explained in the above tutorial. So thanks for the link, it really helped a lot. :slight_smile:

Did the plane and the curve both have the same axis orientation before you used the modifier?

(Ctrl-A - Apply size and rotation should do the trick)

Before you put the modifier on.

(Ctrl-A - Apply size and rotation should do the trick)

True… works just as well… thanks :slight_smile: