Question about cutting hole from previous thread?

Hello Everyone,

I was trying to learn the techniques from this earlier thread.

This is quite advanced thread so I was following each step. I was trying to make a blend with an example of each technique and a write up. If I can get it created then it could be usefule to others as well.

I am having trouble with following hazza’s technique in post #14 in the thread. He says that we need to create a face from four selected vertexes. I get this polygon that loops on itself if I do this. See screenshot1. Is this a problem or not? I’m not sure what do I do next with this?

In screenshot 2 I show that I did manage to basically build the described toplogy manually in the process of making the demo file - but it is time consuming. I hope someone can help and when I’m done I’ll post the demo file.




What you have there, is a non-concave quad. What that means, is that one or more of the four outer points is located in the face the points draw up. As you can see in post 16, I point out that this indeed creates errors.

I think you’ll want to do greybeards video tutorial, as it demonstrates a better technique. The drawback is, that it doesn’t work well on non-flat surfaces. But, it should be possible to adapt the technique to that.

BTW, it would have been OK to digg up that old thread. In fact, it’s preferred, when continuing on topic.

Greybeard’s tutorial was a great help! I have done 3D cad for a while and I am not in the mind set of doing 6 or 7 operations to cut a hole. Not complaining about anything other than my lack of knowledge by that. I have tried about three sequences of operations and I still am having trouble with following the hazza or sanne method.

Thanks again everyone.

I did a mini tut ages ago about 3 techniques of making holes. It did get put in the tutorial sticky thread but that was ages ago…

Hi Denshidan,

I searched for your tutorial for a while yesterday but I didn’t find it. Any keywords I could use?

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The link to Graybeard’s tutorial is in that thread (second page) . Or here you go .

Thanks VP but I alrady did see that one. I was hoping that Denshidan had another one.