Question about cycles light calculation and blender-grid

i got an problem with my lightsource… a point-lamp. I want to have the light travel long, but if i increase the energy of the lamp, it get way to bright in the center/ at close range. But then its good for the rest.
If i decrease the energy, its good at close range, but nearly no ligtht is shown up at distanze.

is there any way to get a kinda “smooth” light, with some fancy matrial nodes, or is there any other way to get this? I hope the images help out,

add another lamp and make it invisible !


In a way this is how it would work with the contrasting between the light source and the dark surroundings. I know that during the evening there is no way to pick out the detail of a lamp and the dark background at the same time.

All lighting works by an inverse square property, meaning that light twice a given distance is a quarter as bright. Three times the distance 1/9 as bright and so on. In order for the light to reach that far with the exposure you would like the intensity of said light would have to be increased.

There are settings in other render engines (Including BI) that allow you to adjust to falloff type from linear, to inverse, to inverse square and more. Haven’t looked for this type of thing in Cycles since I believe that the physical properties of light, and thus the inverse square property, is an integral part of the engine. I could be wrong, however.

what do you mean by invisible? this is a point-lamp, not an mesh with emmision material. where to turn it invisible

sorry i was thinking about emission plane which can be made invisible in field of camera
this wull add some light and not being seen
and you can size it to cover the area you want

happy cycles