question about destruction game

hi all, do you think is it possible to do a game in bge where you can interact with almost all in the scene like this video?
if yes can you give me some input how to procede and make scene fluid as much as possible pls?

I know something like this has been made in BGE, but I am not sure how!

im doing some test and i found a way, fracture all object in game and then set an always sensor to all to an edit object actuator that suspend dynamics and another sensor collision that resume dynamics if the bullet hit the object/s… seems to work but dunno if it is the best way.
maybe it will need some code to suspend again dynamics ater few sec and fix something else.
…maybe just one always sensor with code for obj in scene–>suspend dynamics

Well, this looks possible, however, fracture makes it decrease FPS because a lot of faces, but in this case it is inevitably, except you want the shards to disappear(in that case spawning a planes with the fractures’ images on them would be a fix!

Destruction is a lot of work and usually not worth the effect. As you are looking for a “complete” destruction it is even more work.

Maybe he wants to make a destructer game? :slight_smile:

That one is dynamic destruction/fracture/tessellation which means the shaders are doing all the work for you. Same as doing fracture manually but instead you tell the vertex shader to do it for you so it’s way less work for the artist but more work for the programmer.

Global illumination is supposed to happen the same way. As soon as you add a Sun lamp in the scene you are supposed to automatically get direct + indirect illumination everywhere , perfect soft shadows with no aliasing or noise , radiosity and all the rest of the good stuff. Try that. No baked textures. It needs to bake and composite in real time.

is it possible to change physics object type in bge (for example from rigid body to static) instead of suspend dynamics?

There is actuator for that, I think, but very limited!

Hi! I don’t think so but:

  • You can use replace mesh actuator
  • In 2.75 release notes, "The KX_GameObject.suspendDynamics() method now has an optional boolean “ghost” argument, that (when True) disables collision detection. This effectively makes the object a ghost. (4e7ef3f5cd8c) "

You can end an object and add one (or more) that it looks like it is the same one.

i know but using this technique in the game im going to create its a nightmare